Hi there!

To make our work being more productive and easier, I wrote this page to explain all basics you need to learn while preserving old episodes.

This is the public storage at my server which contains episodes which was already uploaded:


To upload new episodes, you will need to use the FTP protocol with the FileZilla client (you can download it here https://filezilla-project.org/, it's free). If you has no FTP login credentials, please ask me (@Wohlstand) them via DM, I don't publish them for security reasons.

P.S. You will need the 7-Zip archivator (https://www.7-zip.org/, it's free) to remove unwanted game saves and junk files, and re-pack odd archives into something common (7z for the best compression, or zip for the compatibility with everything). If you want to modify RAR archives, you'll need WinRAR, unfortunately, it's paid, or 30-days trial.

Tips for uploading

P.S. If you don't wan't bother to check episode content, simply upload it into _unsorted directory. Once upon I'll check them by myself and will put them into the proper directory.
- please remove forgotten game saves (save1.sav, save2.sav, and save3.sav) from the archive before upload it. If it's packed into RAR and you have no WinRAR archiver, just re-pack into 7zip. Also, please remove LunaLua junk too: LuaData_*.txt, save*-ext.json, progress.json (appears at SMBX2), LunaData_*.txt, LunaSavedVars*.txt, etc.
- Please re-pack episodes into just 7zip if original episode was packed by odd way (such as exe-based installer or b1, etc.).
- Please DM to me (@Wohlstand) if you have troubles with files uploading ("can't connect", "too slow speed", "I don't know how to upload", etc.).
- if you met a namesake episode, please change the name of archive into the `Boss Rush by <AuthorNameHere>.7z` before to upload it, make easy to recognise each other.
- Please make a TXT file (it's an episode description) for each episode with the same name as its archive, and fill it with next content:

<url to the post where you found the episode, or an explanation if source was lost, or episode was contributed by its author directly, or something also.>
<The name of author, or list of authors per line. The "Creator:" works as an alias to this field. Also plural forms like "Authors:" or "Creators:" do work too.>
<Optional name of publisher: if episode was made by many people, and there is a name who created and who maintains the topic for this episode>
<Put your name or nickname here. If episode given to you by another person, put their name here.>
<The date of the first release of episode/level/game/package/etc. It must be in the next format: YYYY-MM-DD. Example: 2015-05-12>
<If it's a special modified version, or there are special requirements to get this episode work, explain them here.>
<An optional list of "Label=FileName" values to indicate which files are part of this level/episode/demo entry. Use this if entry has more than one file to download. Logos and screenshots, and other things like patches or additional downloads also can be listed here.>

<copy-paste the full text content of the main post include the title, date of post, and author's nickname. Easy to select from the bottom of the post and up to the title. This field must be in the bottom of the file as all lines after this label will be treated as a part of the decscription (i.e. any other labels written after this, will not being parsed), and before this label, the empty line is required.>

please ignore any pictures and videos, just paste the text as-is. See the example file is here.
- Don't care about episode description TXT if episode that you upload is from your personal archive, and you have no idea from where and when you downloaded it. Upload it as-is (Be careful, don't override namesake episodes, please compare, is this the same episode, or different).
- If you uploaded an episode, please post the link to original post at #logging and your comment against it if you want, or just an episode name if you don't know where you downloaded the episode